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The Challenges of Big Data

Every day, the world generates 2.5 quintillion bytes of information. Customer data, sales figures, and stock transactions flood the data coffers. Email, social network links, and instant messages spew from a billion personal devices. Text, photos, music, and video divide and multiply in constant digital mitosis. That’s Big Data.

Not surprisingly, businesses are eager to extract useful nuggets from this treasure trove of information. Visionaries in business analysis, marketing, sales, manufacturing, education, and government realize the enormous potential of the analytics they can derive from Big Data. And they want to start analysis now. But they’re running into roadblocks. For one thing, there’s just so much data. And the processing and analysis needed to extract value can double or triple the size of the original data set.

What’s more, in contrast to the usual transactional data the business has been using, perhaps 90 percent of the data available today is unstructured—it hasn’t been shoehorned into a standard file structure or format. That makes meaningful access difficult, and adds to the processing needed. Where data analysis has always focused on extracting information from a relatively known volume of data, the unstructured element now introduces other data parameters, such as variety, velocity, and volume.

HP HAVEn Big Data platform

HP HAVEn is the industry’s first comprehensive, scalable, open, and secure platform for Big Data. HP HAVEn provides the capability to handle 100 percent of your enterprise data—structured, unstructured, and semi-structured—and securely derive actionable intelligence from that data in real-time.

The HP HAVEn Big Data platform features data collectors, engines, and “n” (any number of) applications. All these components are deployed, and hundreds of HAVEn customers are transforming processes and understanding their customers better using HAVEn-powered applications.

HP HAVEn Big Data engines are designed to handle specific high performance analytics functions. Autonomy, Vertica, and HP ArcSight interact with Hadoop to cost-effectively analyze and store massive amounts of data from virtually any source.

The HP HAVEn ecosystem further extends the HP HAVEn Big Data platform by bringing together everything you need to see the big picture in Big Data: hardware, software, and services.

The combination of patented Big Data engines and over 700 connectors enables HAVEn to support a wide range of applications. ISVs, integrators, and partners have built new HAVEn applications that address both horizontal and industry-specific needs for data management and analytics. In addition, HP continues to enhance its own application portfolio to utilize the power of HAVEn.

EMEA HP Intel Solution Innovation Center’s expertise

By developing a full program on Big Data, the EMEA HP Intel Solution Innovation Center offers a unique combination of powerful, reliable, and scalable hardware components, innovative software solutions, and unparalleled expertise in the domain of the Big Data and Information Management.

EMEA HP Intel Solution Innovation Center's expertise

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