Cloud Computing


One-size-fits-all does not fit an enterprise's needs. Today's world requires a converged delivery model, sourced across traditional, private and public cloud offerings. A converged cloud strategy provides simplicity, speed, reduced cost and risk, and compliance. HP's Converged Cloud is a common architectural foundation across traditional IT and private, managed and public clouds.

The HP Converged Cloud solution is the industry's most complete and integrated cloud solution allowing you to build on-premise cloud services and consume off-premise services. With this portfolio, you can:

HP Intel Solution Center’s expertise

By hosting the HP CloudSystem reference platform, the HP Intel Solution Center offers a unique combination of powerful, reliable, and scalable hardware components, innovative software solutions, and unparalleled expertise in the field, integrated into cloud architecture.

HP CloudSystem is the most complete, integrated system to build, manage and consume services across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Based on HP‘s market leading Cloud Service Automation and Converged Infrastructure, CloudSystem delivers the broadest application support while simplifying the buying, deployment and support of cloud environments.

The HP Intel Solution Center allows you to better understand and validate the efficiency of HP CloudSystem. With Proof-of-Concept, the solutions can be evaluated with the support of HP technical consultants.

Take benefit of real Customers Cloud use Cases implemented on our PoCaaS (Proof-of-concept as a Service) offer to evaluate our HP Cloud Solution.

For an extensive session on HP Cloud technologies, we organize customer workshops at the HP Intel Solution Center.

Virtual visit is available here

Everything as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service, to give end-users access to processing power, networking and storage

Platform as a Service, to give end-users access to platforms with pre-installed components

Software as a Service, to give end-users access to pre-defined sofwares over the world wide network