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Innovation is driving unprecedented change. Mobility, virtualisation, high-definition video, rich-media collaboration tools, and cloud computing are reinventing how businesses – and people – work. Enterprises that can harness these innovations will have new tools to drive business advantage and build new opportunities in the global marketplace.

When legacy networks are pushed to the limit, they become fragile, difficult to manage, vulnerable, and expensive to operate. Businesses whose networks are at this breaking point risk missing the next wave of opportunity.

Application-driven, service-oriented architectures (SOA) and virtualisation have banished the client-server model from the data center . Cloud computing also makes heavy use of server virtualisation, which reshapes data center traffic flows and increases bandwidth demands at the server edge. By 2014, network planners should expect more than 80% of traffic in the data center's local area network (LAN) to be between servers.

These efforts at flexibility can be hampered by legacy data center networks. They cannot provide high enough bandwidth and low enough latency between server connections to support highly mobile virtual workloads.

As business volumes rise, traffic levels are exploding. Virtualisation has taken root across businesses of all sizes. Today, roughly 20% of workloads are virtualised, and Gartner expects that this will hit 50% by year-end 2012, and continue to grow beyond this level. Traffic within the server rack is expected to grow by 25 times. Steeped in technology at home, business workers have quickly acclimated to a rich-media experience and are using video and interactive collaboration tools.

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At the HP Networking Solution Center, our main responsibility consists of deploying and promoting the HP Networking portfolio:

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