Intel® Atom™ processor


Intel® Atom™ Processor C2000

The Intel Atom C2000 Product Family is Intel’s second-generation system-on-a-chip (SoC), and delivers a major leap forward in microprocessor performance and efficiency for lightweight web-scale workloads. Supporting the industry-standard x86 instruction set provides complete software compatibility with mainstream servers based on Intel Xeon Processors, giving you the flexibility to right-size your infrastructure without limiting software mobility and interoperability as your needs evolve.

Efficiency of common x86 architecture

With common x86 architecture, your software environment can be easily scaled across all platforms with Intel® Xeon® and Atom™ processors, with no porting required.

Virtualization support

Enhance key virtualization usages such as live migration, fast provisioning, dynamic load balancing and disaster recovery, with Intel® Virtualization Technology for IA-32 and Intel® 64 (1)

Reliability & Security

Improve data integrity and system uptime by automatically detecting and correcting memory errors with Error-Correcting Code memory (ECC) (2).

Optimize Power & Space

At just 6W, the Intel Atom processor C2000 product family enables the lowest power, highest density Intel® processor-based servers, with up to 7X higher performance (3) and up to 6X better performance/watt (4)

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(1) Intel® Virtualization Technology requires a computer system with an enabled Intel® processor, BIOS, virtual machine monitor (VMM) and, for some uses, certain platform software enabled for it. Functionality, performance or other benefits will vary depending on hardware and software configurations and may require a BIOS update. Software applications may not be compatible with all operating systems. Please check with your application vendor

(2) ECC memory can correct up to 99.988 percent of all memory errors to improve data integrity and system uptime. Source: X. Li, K. Shen, M. Huang, and L. Chu. A memory soft error measurement on production systems. In USENIX Annual Technical Conf., 2007

(3) Performance based on Dynamic Web Benchmark Performance: Atom S1260 (8G B, SSD,1 GbE), Score=1522. Atom C2750 (32 GB, SSD,10 GbE), Score=11351

(4) Performance per Watt based on Dynamic Web Benchmark: Atom S1260 (8 GB, SSD,1 GbE), Score=1522, est node power=20W, PPW=76.1 Atom C2730 (32 GB, SSD,10 GbE), Score=8778, est node power=19W, PPW=462. Source: Intel Internal measurements as of August 2013