Machine to Machine


M2M is now moving from hype to reality. Market forecasts vary but growth is 2 digits across industries: Telco, automotive, energy and healthcare to mention a few. Sensor prices have dropped dramatically; wireless technologies become commodity and can now be embedded in day to day devices. The availability of M2M Cloud offerings is also contributing to the adoption of these technologies: it is reducing time to market, lowering cost by sharing services among multiple customers and is generally easy to use.

HP and Intel have significant market presence in each major industry, providing products and solutions and adapting to specific needs. Leveraging domain expertise and active participation in international Standards Development Organizations, especially OneM2M, is key to build M2M solutions. HP and Intel have also developed strong partnerships: our ecosystem embraces the diversity of M2M devices, technologies and applications while providing interoperability and supporting industry standards as available.

HP and Intel M2M architecture

HP-Intel joint architecture is tailored to provide an end-to-end ecosystem where any actor of the M2M value chain can find a relevant component to complement its offering. For Telcos, this solution allows to improve existing network & service infrastructure to deal with M2M traffic, and offer new services to M2M actors, vertical markets and end users. For Vertical markets, this blueprint provides capabilities to leverage M2M devices and proposes new services to customers with effectiveness, scalability and a reduced time-to-market. One example is Smart Metering for the Utility market.

Overview of HP Intel M2M architecture

Figure: Overview of HP Intel M2M architecture

HP Intel Solution Center’s expertise

With the M2M solution in place in the HP Intel Solution Center, several use-cases are now available for demonstration either online or on our premises. Partners and customers can also attend innovation workshops, with teams of dedicated experts available from HP and Intel.

The existing solution can also form the basis for additional proofs-of-concept, such as testing and integrating of new devices, network components and proprietary information management systems.

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