Provide customers and partners with a proving ground to test and tune solutions that are running on Intel architecture based HP platforms.

Our customers and partners with our assistance and advice can choose their environment definition, deploy, install and configure applications and business services.

HP Innovation Solution Center also provides a range of tools to perform tests and analysis, report performance document to show how it will play out in the real world.

Proven and Efficient Project Management

The EMEA HP Intel Solution Innovation Center is able to host a number of customers in parallel. During the life of the Proof-of-Concept (PoC) that usually lasts one week to three months, each customer benefits from dedicated and secure spaces ensuring data confidentiality. Customers can also access each platform remotely through a dedicated network.

The Customer Project Document (CPD) serves as a central point of communication between you and the EMEA HP Intel Solution Innovation Center. After the stage of qualification but before the PoC , it contains information related to the tasks to accomplish during the PoC. During the PoC, it is enriched with the results of all tests being done. At the end of your stay, you will evaluate your visit with the Solution Center's staff, and the CPD is finalized in order to validate the achieved results.

Following a PoC, the solution can stay and be hosted in the Solution Center to be used by customers in pilot mode. For a limited period of time, the Solution Center will manage and operate the platform. The solution is fully monitored (both hardware and applications) and backed-up.


IT Organizations can leverage a PoC to get a range of critical informations. A PoC helps IT Governance to take strategical decision to increase the efficiency of their infrastructure and business services.

The main benefits of a Proof-of-Concept:

HP Innovation Solution Center’s expertise

During a PoC our technical expert can support and help:

Main benefits of a Proof-of-Concept

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