Smart Metering


By incorporating intelligent monitoring and information management into all aspects of energy production and distribution, smart grids can help to address the following market constraints:

Migrating energy networks to smart grids involves a substantial modernization program impacting the entire chain of energy generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption.

Market liberalization has created enormous challenges for utility companies. The smart grid allows them to respond by offering exciting new services and products to their customers.

Central to the smart grid is Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), a technology that enables utility companies to automate, manage, and control smart meter networks and the data collected from them.

The HP Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution

The HP Global Utilities Industry division has designed an AMI solution that is scalable, meter independent, and network equipment agnostic.

The HP AMI solution has the following features:

The solution uses HP ProLiant rack-mounted and BladeSystem servers running Intel® Xeon® processors. The industry-leading performance of the Intel Xeon processors allows the large volumes of data in a smart grid to be processed securely and in real time.

HP Intel Solution Center’s expertise

The HP AMI solution is now available for demonstrations, either online or on our premises (Figure 1).

Figure 1: AMI Solution

The solution can also form the basis for additional proofs-of-concept, such as testing and integrating new meters, network components, and proprietary information management systems.

Partners and customers can attend innovation workshops, with teams of dedicated experts available from HP and Intel.

HP AMI solution

Event and alarm management to quickly identify and respond to system disturbances.

Real-time, bidirectional communications to support net metering, which enables customers to offset their energy consumption by returning surplus energy to the grid.

Network security to prevent intrusions and unauthorized access

To learn more about AMI:

Download the Solution Brief (PDF)